Should the WDTV products include OPUS audio support?

Yes, it is the future of lossy audio
No, I like stereo AAC output on my amplifier that dos not decode AAC
What the heck is OPUS?

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July 30, 2013, 02:55:37 PM
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So, if you do not know, the new OPUS audio codec 1.1 beta came out 11 July 2013 at http://www.opus-codec.org/.  The update includes a lot of optimizations for multi-channel surround sound.  5.1 and 7.1 are both optimized for quality at bitrates from 6 kbps to 510 kbps.  On personal testing, 5.1 surround at ~128 kbps sounds shockingly good.

  • 5.1 AAC is lacking on the WDTV Live due to licensing restrictions.  Although the WDTV players will output 5.1 AAC over HDMI or Optical, your receiver has to support AAC.  If your receiver does NOT support 5.1 AAC, as most do not, the WDTV outputs 5.1 AAC as 2.0 PCM
  • OPUS is new, entirely open source, and royalty free, negating the 5.1 AAC issue
  • OPUS currently encodes and decodes 7.1 properly, wheres 7.1 support with AAC is shaky at best
  • OPUS can in fact encode and decode up to 255 channels, making it easily future compatible with the UltraHD and 22.2 surround specs
  • OPUS is continually being developed by the community, whereas AAC is fairly stagnant
  • WDTV would be the first player to support OPUS, furthering the ability to claim "plays everything"
  • OPUS audio would allow the user to backup their movie soundtracks in a small file size, while retaining extremely high-quality 7.1 audio.  256kbps 7.1 sounds fantastic, very close to the original TrueHD or DTSMaster audio track.