Author Topic: How to make a folder (or anything for that matter) a "favorite"  (Read 555 times)

July 21, 2013, 07:41:57 PM
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I have recently purchased a WDTV Live and am generally happy with it. What I cannot seem to figure out is how to make a folder on my network drive (NAS drive) a "favorite". According to the help 'popups' I should be able to do so by just hitting the 'options' button on my remote. However, this does not hold true.

I perform the following.... Home, Videos, highlight my Videos folder on my NAS, hit the Options button. No option to add this folder as a "Favorite". Even though the little heart icon is there, but grayed out (indicating it is not currently a favorite). Even if I go a step further and highlight a movie within the folder, then hit the 'options' button, there is still no option to make even a single video a 'favorite'.

I must be missing something basic.

Thanks in advance,