Author Topic: Problem with menu over the film  (Read 926 times)

July 19, 2013, 01:58:25 PM
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I have a strange problem with my WD Live.  I got it since 2011, but the problem appears now, without changing anything.

I have the last B-rad custom firmware. When I'm seeing a video, after 5 or 6 minutes aprox., the menu appears over the film. I can see the film rear them, normally, but over the screen appears the menu with their icons! I can navigate on the menu, seeing the images of the films on the bottom of the screen. And I can't desactive this and see only the film until it finish. I see the menu forever, to the end of the video.

I don't make any change on the WD, this problem occurs suddenly, and I don't know why. Someone can help me, please?

Thank you very much!