Author Topic: Request help playing ISO file via WDTV Live "AV Out"  (Read 1201 times)

July 11, 2013, 07:20:06 PM
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I need some help.  I have a large library of DVD's, which I backed up by ripping to ISO format.  When I rip them I only save the main movie in ISO format (not the whole disk), and I only save the main soundtrack, which is usually Dolby Digital / AC3 / etc.   If it matters I use DVDFab v8 to accomplish this.  My normal set up is that I have the WDTV Live connected via HDMI to my AV Receiver, which then decodes & sends output to (a) audio to my speakers and (b) video to my monitor/projector.  this works great.

Well, I tried to bring my WDTV Live along with my hard drive of movies to a buddy's house, and use the "AV Out" (1/8 jack to video & audio L&R RCA cables).  I plugged it into his TV and I can see the video but I hear no audio.  Then we tried plugging the 3 RCA cables into his AV receiver and again we get no audio.  If I use the HDMI cable connected to a device (like an AV receiver) that can "decode" Dolby Digital (etc) then I can get audio as well as video.

My question to you, most wise forum members, is:  what do I need to do to make the basic "AV Out" work?  Is it even possible or, because of the fact that the sound tracks are Dolby Digital (or whatever) do I always need to use HDMI connected to a device that can "decode" the 5.1 signal ?