Author Topic: WD creashes Filesystem on external HDD  (Read 802 times)

July 06, 2013, 03:40:42 PM
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Hi there,

i've got an strange issue with one of my external drives.
It's a 500gb Maxtor drive, i think there's a WD-HDD inside. (cant open it to check)

It's working fine on either Xp and Win 7.

When I tried to access it from my WD HD TV Live, it wasn'd recognized, but the player was acting like when you plug in a new drive at first. After a few seconds it's acting like there's no drive plugged in.
When i plugged it back in to my computer afterwards i found the filesystem damaged. (RAW)

The filesystem could be fixed with chkdsk /f 

But the problem is reproducable. When i plug the drive into the player the filesystem is damaged afterwards.

Any idea about that?

Sorry for bad englisch