Author Topic: GPT support in OFW or CFW?  (Read 1297 times)

June 23, 2013, 02:07:07 AM
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I just bought a Seagate Backup Plus USB3.0 4Tb (walll powered) and it doesn't work.

As everytime I have problems with a gadget I searched a lot for related info and tried everything I can before asking for hekp. I know the problem isn't in the cable or power supply since I watched videos as always with my old internal 1TB I used before in a case (luck you can deattach the connector in this model without void warranty) So, I think the problem is related to big HDD and maybe GPT. Does OFW (I have the latest) support GPT or is there a chance that a CFW supports it (software problem, not hardware)?

BTW, I'm not 100% sure the problem is related to GPT since I formated the new HDD with a partition smaller than 1TB with MBR in the disk and unalocated extra space and it din't worked. I can't connect the new disk to the old case connector since it doesn't fit and I don't want to open it and void warranty.