Author Topic: Was here before .. WDTV Live box will not see new harddrive Windows 8  (Read 716 times)

June 15, 2013, 07:45:21 AM
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hiya .. was here before don't know if account was deleted etc ...
Anyways ... all started when wife hit external drive w vacuum cleaner .. was drive H: ... got new external drive which computer named G: .. WDTV box still wanted to look for H: tried all reset stuff I see in these forums to no avail ... box still wanted drive H: and seemed to remember all that was on it .... Went to store, exchanged WDTV box for a brand new one ... soon as I plugged it in it wanted to know where H: was and wouldn't even look for other drives ... does WDTV box plant files somewhere on your computer? the new box didn't even want to go through setup for IP address etc .. knew it all soon as I plugged it in >> box is useless now except for Netflix.... how to reset everything as though I never had a WDTV box ... we are getting closer to getting apple TV if this doesn't get figured out ..

thanx, dave