Author Topic: Very Newbie - Linksheets / Moviesheets Confused 1.05.04  (Read 2344 times)

May 01, 2013, 02:53:26 AM
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Sorry this is a veeerrry newbie question.  :-[

I have read the Wiki etc but I'm still confused.  I'm running the latest F/W 1.05.04 ver

quote from Wiki: "Linksheets works on G2, LIVE and PLUS in any newer WDLXTV version!
This is the "old" method of displaying moviesheets

Okay so this is the "old" method, I understand the Pro's & Con's.  My main con.  would be the extra time to boot as I want to be able to switch the box and attached 2Tb HD to stby.  However I would prefer the sheets to load fast. - same as everyone else I suppose!

quote from Wiki:"WDTVExt ExtSheet plugin (1.02.21-WDLXTV_LIVE only!)
ExtSheet plugin will ONLY work on 1.02.21 based firmwares!!

So this will ONLY work with 1.02.21 base F/W - non other (ie newer?)

This seems to be a improvement over Linksheets as it doesn't need to scan every boot.  But just how much slower are the sheets displayed on a USB attached HD?  A second or two?

But if I do want to go for these do I simply have to flash with 1.02.21?  :-\

I am basically looking for a graphically rich front end with Movie info for the family and network share for me to manage the files.
I have several hundred movies, mostly .m4p (for Apple compatabuility) all in individual folders.

Please help as I need to get this up-and-running in the next week.

System is:
WD 2Tb USB Hard disk (NTFS)

May 02, 2013, 02:20:33 AM
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Some ppl still run 1.02.21 for the reason you are stating and other valid reasons.

I still run that older version and love it.  The WDTVExt displays sheets fast enouth really.  There could be a fraction of a second delay, not 1 or 2 seconds.  You could flash with 1.02.21 and see how that works and then boot with 1.05.04 via USB stick and see what that gives you and then decide which you prefer.
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