Author Topic: Problem in idx/sub subs for disc 2 avi file  (Read 1897 times)

April 04, 2009, 10:33:04 AM
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Hi, guys. I'm from Malaysia and I juz bought my WDTV a month ago.

My biggest problem so far would be the idx/sub subtitles.

For example, I had a movie with 2 video files(avi), disc A and B. Each file has its own idx and sub files.
Whenever I play the first video file, the subs load perfectly without any problem thoughout the whole movie.
However, when I play the 2nd video file, only the first line of sub is loaded, n it stays at the screen 4eva.
I tried turning off the subs and then turning on it again, but the same problem occurs, the new line of sub is loaded but it stays on the screen 4eva.

I was thinking the problem lies in the subs not disappearing, causing the new line of subs unable to load.

I am really annoyed with dis problem becuz I had a lotta movies having 2 discs files.
Any help here would be appreciated, thanks!