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Random AVI files converted into Folders

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I have 2TB and 1TB ext Hard drives plugged into the USB ports of my WDTV box. They are filled with AVI, MP4, MP3, and JPG files. I noticed some of my files were missing, so I logged onto the drives through my network connection from my computer (Win7). The missing files have been turned into empty folders! Same name, but showing a folder icon now, and nothing will read them as files anymore. What could be continuing to do this? Please make it stop! I have lost a dozen files in the past two weeks. Please help! - RFS

A few things you could try.  Not sure if it will work or not but worth a shot.

Connect you HDD to the PC and run chkdsk /f from the command line.  The HDDs could be corrupt

You can also track and delete all instances of .wd_tv.  Multiple of that file could be anywhere on the drive.  Sometimes cause problems to files on the drive.

Thanks. Ran chkdsk /f multiple times. Then removed some files to add space to the disk. It cleaned up the "files" being shown as "folders" by deleting these files completely.
However ...
I unhid the files and folders in explorer (also show system files) and found the missing files and folders being displayed as "hidden".
I right clicked and hit "Properties" and found the "Hidden" check box checked and unaccessable. It is grayed out on all the questionable files and I can't figure out how to "Unhide" these files. The "Hidden" check box is just plain unaccessable.

Have you any advice now that I have gotten everything to this point? - RFS

Found a fix.
When I couldn't get Win7 Explorer to allow me to change the "Hidden" attribute, I reread your reply and it suddenly occurred to me to run ATTRIB from the CMD prompt like you did for chkdsk.
it worked. Running ATTRIB -r -a -h -s *.* /s /d
from the f:\ root dir of my external disk freed up files that were displaying as "Hidden"
I still have a number of files that were converted to folders though. I may have to delete them and recopy them to the drive.
I'll reply back in a few days if my initial problem returns. Thanks for all your help. - RFS

Tx for coming back with the fix.  I am sure it will be useful for others.


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