Author Topic: Looking to replace a WDTV: Suggestions?  (Read 1490 times)

September 15, 2012, 06:29:15 AM
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I have an original WDTV now hacked with b.rad firmware, which is unfortunately starting yo show its age. It takes upwards if 5 minutes sometimes to start playing a movie over a wired network, SD or HD. Even local USB movies take a significant amount of time to start.

So I'm looking to replace it. But I don't know with what. Roku doesn't support EXT file systems, but other than that it seems pretty good, tho even tech support didn't seem to know if I can use a USB hub with it.

The Vizio Google box doesn't support VC-1, making it essentially worthless.

 Is there anything else good out there? Or should I get on of the newer WDTVs?

I only use it for movies, ripped DVDs, HD-DVDs, & Blu-rays. Over a network and via USB. I'd prefer that it support Linux file systems, tho I suppose it's not a requirement.

 So, any suggestions on what to do here?