Author Topic: MKV Audio Missing - Firmware 1.08.17  (Read 1346 times)

May 13, 2012, 06:31:53 AM
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As a WDTV Live newbie, I've been struggling with various issues!
The whole Library Manager facility is really strange.  Not at all intuitive, and the operation manual does not help.
But the current frustration is with a video I have on my PC.  It's .MKV format, and the WDTV sees it as H264 video codec, and AAC audio codec.  It plays perfectly on the PC using VLC, however the WDTV plays video - and sub titles - but no sound.
Tried MKVMerge to re-mux the file, but no effect.
Seems to be lots of forum items on MKV/Audio, but none appears to solve my problem.
Why doesn't WD simply fix their product so that it can read these files  ???
I tried converting the file to AVI - this solved the audio problem, but lost the sub-titles!
Any thoughts?