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March 09, 2010, 04:40:50 PM
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Can anybody tell me how to install / flash this "apple" trailers plugin?


May 30, 2010, 05:46:22 AM
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Today I loaded b.rads firmware. Working fine for the most part. Have a couple things I was trying to figure out how to use.

1) Deluge and nzbget - I am posting that part of my options file to see if it is right. If it is I have no idea how to access either. Also when I go into media server audio does not seem to work with HD apple trailers but it will with small, med or large. In the same section there is a folder next to the revision 3 folder called UMSP v.0.1.2 but when I go in there it says no media contained, what is this folder for.

## Disable UMSP (default enabled - REQUIRES LIGHTTPD=ON TO WORK)
config_tool -c UMSP=ON

## Disable lighttpd webserver (default enabled)
config_tool -c LIGHTTPD=ON

## enable Deluge bittorrent client (default disabled)
## *** lighttpd webserver must be enabled to use webui ***
config_tool -c DELUGE=ON

## disable Deluge bittorrent webui
config_tool -c DELUGEWEBUI=ON

## Enable nzbget usenet client (default disabled)
## *** lighttpd webserver must be enabled to use webui ***
config_tool -c NZBGET=ON

2) Movie sheets - I would really like to use movie sheets. Yes I did search the forums. The way I am setup I have a 1 TB seagate external on there I have a folder called media. Underneath there I have folders called my anime, my tv, my movies, etc. Sub to those I have folders for each item. For example: Z:\Media\My Movies\Movie Title 1\. In that folder I have the actual movie then I used tvixie to gather the info for all my stuff. Now there is a file called folder.jpg, front_cover.tvixie, movieinfo.tvixie, and background.jpg. Here is copy of that section of the options file also:

## Movie sheet modes (only one can be enabled at a time)
## unless you have sheets for each mode you will encounter oddities switching around modes
## AKA this isn't magic
## Full screen std mode:
#config_tool -c MSHEETMODE=std
## 1280x460 sheet mode:
#config_tool -c MSHEETMODE=sheet
## 500x720 wall mode:
#config_tool -c MSHEETMODE=wall

#Enable Movie Sheets
config_tool -c SHOW_FILESIZE_SETTING=0
config_tool -c MSHEETMODE=sheet
config_tool -c VIDMSHEET=ON
config_tool -c GENMSHEET=ON
config_tool -c LISTMSHEET=ON

## turn on moviesheets for a list type
## you must turn it on for a view type to see sheets!
## video thumb mode
config_tool -c VIDMSHEET=ON
## audio/photo thumb mode
config_tool -c GENMSHEET=ON
## list mode (video/audio/photo)
config_tool -c LISTMSHEET=ON

## change list view to 4/6/8/11 entries
#config_tool -c LISTNUM=4
#config_tool -c LISTNUM=6
#config_tool -c LISTNUM=8
#config_tool -c LISTNUM=10 (default)
#config_tool -c LISTNUM=11
#config_tool -c LISTNUM=12

## change video thumb view to various amounts of thumbs
#config_tool -c THUMBRESO=120x160 # 21
#config_tool -c THUMBRESO=150x200 # 12
#config_tool -c THUMBRESO=163x245 # 8 (default)
#config_tool -c THUMBRESO=180x240 # 10
#config_tool -c THUMBRESO=225x300 # 4
#config_tool -c THUMBRESO=240x360 # 4

## change music/photo thumb view to 10/15 thumbs
#config_tool -c GENTHUMBS=10 # 10
#config_tool -c GENTHUMBS=15 # 15 (default)

## change video info overlay
## ( for subtitle viewing during pause/timing/etc)
## requires reboot after change
## upper ~60%
#config_tool -c VIDEO_INFO_BAR=2
## top (warning: options bar covers up info overlay with setting 3)
#config_tool -c VIDEO_INFO_BAR=3

I understand these are all probably noob questions but I would really appreciate some help.

March 15, 2011, 03:03:04 AM
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hello world

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March 15, 2011, 06:33:23 PM
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I am fairly new to this so bear with me,
I have had my wdtv live for a few months now and after looking on youtube at modifications i decided to have a go
Its taken three days so far , the main problem being , i downloaded the latest version first the  b.rads firmware.  i got it to modify the box ok , and firmware worked great
apart from the movie sheets , i used the webend and tried all types of settings , then i read somewhere shows sheets soToday I loaded b.rads firmware. on to my usb stick , modified the settings file on the root dir to show full screen sheets , number of thumbnails etc . plugged it in and it worked , also the addons menu appeared .

so all the above I am sorted with but i have a problem that maybee someone can help with.
my wdtv live is on a wired network , and has a 1TB drive attached to it , when i browse the attached drive i see the movie thumbs and the movie sheets just as i want them.

however I have four other external hard drives attached to my pc wich is on the same wired network , I have tried a number of server software packages with diffrent results
TVERSITY displays what you tell it to display but no thumbs or styesheets but plays everything
TWONKY does much the same
XBMC looks nice but couldnt get sheets to work and thumbs work off and on
PS3 media server this is great for viewing media off my hard drives attached to my pc it even shows thumbs but again to view style sheets i have to click on the actual jpg. which is not ideal

so my question is , is it possible to view film sheets off external hard drives attached to your pc the same as i can view them on the hard drive attached to the wdtv live ?
i know it may seem a little confussing but i have got this far by trial and error , and realy need advice