Author Topic: Wireless dns error - wired is fine?  (Read 787 times)

May 11, 2012, 12:09:03 AM
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I have a new wdtv live, with wireless built in. If i connect through ethernet, all works just fine. Automatic dhcp works just like it should. If i try to connect wirelessly, no go, dns error. I have tried automatic and manual setup.

For manual wireless setup I have tried:
Same ip, subnet, gateway and dns as the wired connection. (which is what auto gave me)
Different (vacant) ip, with same subnet, gateway and dns as wired connection.

Gateway and dns are my routers ip. (works fine for wired)
Router is a Billion 7404vnox
encryption is wpa2 AES

I have no problems connecting phones, tablet, pcs and an xbox, wirelessly.
So am I missing something or is the thing broke?