Author Topic: 24fps video, any issues?  (Read 1308 times)

June 05, 2009, 03:38:02 AM
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I've noticed that most videos that I obtain are 23.976fps, and they all play fine, but I've noticed that some videos are listed in media info as 24fps, I have yet to try any of these.

I've been reading that there seems to be an issue with media playback on the newer LCDs that support 24hz natively

My TV is a 4yr old Samsung DLP so I've got the WDTV set to output 1080i/60hz.  Should these 24fps media files playback smoothly on my TV just like the 23.976 ones do...


June 06, 2009, 03:44:34 AM
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It really makes no difference in your case. When you've set the WDTV to output at 1080i 60Hz the WDTV is converting the source to this setting. 24Hz/23.976Hz is only an issue when your TV supports a native 1080p24 signal.
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