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WDTV LIVE - General Discussion / Re: How to find out which model I have?
« Last post by mizkitty64 on October 08, 2016, 11:11:29 AM »
Model number is on the bottom.

I think HDMI is "cable"

Firmware updates are usually at google the model number.
Change the "source" to local media.
I use OSX El Capitan connected over ethernet to my SMP.  I have a 1 TB drive connected to my SMP with my movie files on it.  In the main (not always but almost always) my movies play fine from that drive.  However, suddenly and for no apparent reason I can no longer see that drive from my main computer.  Not seeing it, I can no longer transfer files on to that drive, a major issue.

I checked my network setup and connections at the SMP and all are fine.  I can access files on my Mac from my SMP but not the other way round.  While I have not needed SMBup in the past I have installed it but it makes no difference.  Why can I not see my SMP drive and how might I correct this?  I have been using WDTV Live for quite a few years and, other than such quirks which occasionally arise, I am very happy with the magic it does.
WDTV LIVE - General Discussion / How to find out which model I have?
« Last post by Biff- on October 08, 2016, 04:53:52 AM »
How to find out which model I have? The WDTV player is bought in April 2014

What is the answer of the question: HDMI is a type of...?

What is the newest update for that model? Where could I find it?
How can one turn off searching for WLAN / network access when starting WDTV?

There is no network / WLAN available.
Everything Else / Re: File name shows up different
« Last post by pfmodel on October 03, 2016, 12:28:45 AM »
This will caused by the metadata (the xml file associated with the episode). Each episode should have an xml file, with the same file name. This will contain the TV-Show name. You can manually edit it (xml is basically a text file), or use a metadata generated. I prefer "Hubflow", but "Media Center Master" is good as well. This will give you the accurate TV-Show name.
Everything Else / Re: Question about scraping tv shows
« Last post by pfmodel on October 03, 2016, 12:23:11 AM »
Organising TV shows on your WDTV.  (Or for that matter Movies as well)
A : Organising your TV-Shows or Movies
1: Create a Directory named after your TV-Show (Best to use the name found in “”, so Battlestar Galactica would have a name of “Battlestar Galactica (1978) (TV Series)” (This is useful if you ever migrate your library over to a XBMC engine)
2: Create a Directory for each Season, named Season 1, Season 2, etc. If there is only 1 season you can skip this.
3: Name your episodes using one of the valid standards, such as “S01E01 name of episode”, which is Season 1, Episode 1. If there is a special name it “S00E01 name of special”. You can get the correct Episode number from “”.
4: Use a metadata tool such as “Hubflow” or “Media Center Master” to create your metadata (thumbnail images, xml files, etc)
5: Copy your full TV-Show structure to a USB Drive connected to the WDTV, or a Twonky server, such as a WD MyCLOUD.
A : On a USB Drive connected directly to your WDTV (Suggested Structure)
Create a series of directories broken up by types, such as “Movies (Romance)”, “Movies (For Kids)”, etc. Place a number in the name to sort is the way you wish. Place a distinctive thumbnail in each folder called “Folder.jpg”. This will allow you to identify the correct folder.
Movies1 (Romance)
Movies2 (Comedy)
Movies3 (For Kids)
Movies4 (Adventure)
Movies5 (Mystery)
Movies6 (War)
Movies8 (SciFi)
Movies9 (Anime)
TV-Shows1 (Romance)
TV-Shows2 (Comedy)
TV-Shows3 (For Kids)
TV-Shows4 (Adventure)
TV-Shows5 (Mystery)
TV-Shows6 (War)
TV-Shows7 (Documentary)
TV-Shows8 (SciFi)
TV-Shows9 (Anime)
Typically you will only every place VOB’s or HD MKV/MP4 files on this type of device. VOB files can only be easily ready from a locally connected device, and HD files need to direct connection to avoid any freezing (depends on network speed) As a result you may decide to place 2 directories under each of the above directories, such as ;
Movies9 (Anime)
   Movies9 (Anime) HD MKV
   Movies9 (Anime) VOB
Place a “Folder.jpg” in each folder to allow you to identify what it is.

B : On Twonky server, such as a WD MyCLOUD (Suggested Structure)
Do the same as above, except you will need to create special folder files to get a thumbnail. The thumbnail will be the firect “jpg” file found with an associated video file, as a result you will need to create a “!Folder” directory in any directly, with a sub-directory, containing a mp4 file with an associated jpg file, such as;
If the directory does not have a sub-directory, you can simply place these files in the directory with your Movies.

In this case you access your movies or TV-Shows using the “Files” method from your WDTV. This provides a simply, but effective method of organising your video files. It is especially effective if you have a huge collection of video files, as engines such as XBMC can make it difficult to find specific movies or TV-Shows when you have too many of them.
WDTV LIVE - General Discussion / Re: Has WD Dropped the WDTV
« Last post by Rev Drew on September 14, 2016, 02:35:47 AM »
By KOBI, do you mean KODI (formerly XBMC)? If so, it can easily mount shares from a PC or other network device. I have it mounting a share on my NAS, I use automated programs so I don't even have to worry about downloading and transferring shows or movies, I just look in KODI for what's new.

Sickrage - TV
CouchPotato - Movies
LazyLibrarian - eBooks
Mylar - Comics
Headphones - Music

NZBGet does the downloading, and sorts and files it according to how I set it up.

I use an Android player myself, I mostly use KODI on it, also Mobdro, TerrariumTV and ShowBox, but not often as KODI does pretty much everything, truth be told, there is not much reason to D/L TV shows, movies, yes - if you want decent surround sound.
WDTV LIVE - General Discussion / Re: Has WD Dropped the WDTV
« Last post by pfmodel on September 13, 2016, 03:03:33 AM »
Agreed. I am currently moving over to a MINIX NEO X8-H. Its using KOBI which is good and can read DLNA and UPnP off my MyCLOUD with no issues, but with all the standard metadata restrictions. Peformance is good, although it took me a while to get DTS pass-through working properly. It can read off a local USB drive, but unless you install additional software on it will not allow you to control and copy files to this drive from a PC on the network. On the other hand it reads my media off the MyCLOUD using smb and amazingly enough read the movies on the USB drives on my WDTV as well. If the performance is acceptable this is the way to go, as KOBI does a good job scaping the files and presenting the movies. I am consideing getting a 8TB WD MyCLOUD as a result.

But as normal, it took a lot of research to get it going the way I like.
WDTV LIVE - General Discussion / Re: Has WD Dropped the WDTV
« Last post by jayallan on September 03, 2016, 12:39:11 PM »
Starting to look like it :(  I am primarily using a Minix H8 Plus now
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