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WDTV LIVE - General Discussion / Help with home page setup
« Last post by machinist60 on January 05, 2017, 11:39:56 AM »
This question relates to a WD TV Live Streaming Media Player P/N WDBHG70000NBK-12.  New firmware from sometime in 2016 installed, now when booted up the home screen does not appear but instead a list of services, AOL, Facebook, Netflix etc.  There was a movie entry which was accidentally removed, UI not very intuitive.  The home button does nothing.  The hard reset in the bottom does nothing and I can't find anything useful in the manual.  Is it possible to get this thing working again or is it bricked?

Help appreciated, thanks, John.
WDTV General Discussion / Locking Down New Members
« Last post by jayallan on January 02, 2017, 05:15:46 PM »
Hey guys!  Just a quick update.  I have closed to site to new signups for now.  We have been inundated with spammers lately and I don't have time to deal with them.  The site still has hundreds of visitors a day looking for WDTV info so I am going to keep it running.   

Although there will be no new signups for the time being, anyone already a member can still post of course! :)

Have a great 2017  8)

it's usually a bitrate problem not file size.

agreed, I have a 34GB MKV here and it plays fine on my WDTV media players, even over WiFi.
Can't see your settings photos...but it's usually a bitrate problem not file size.

Just checking my movie files...the biggest I have is a 8.9GB MKV that plays fine over the network.
Hi, I'm using the latest version of HandBrake and I get problems when I use those files with WD TV Player (7 months old with latest firmware).
I tell you my issue.
I get an uncompressed file from Edius 8 timeline. My project on Edus is UHD and 40 minutes length. I get an uncompressed file around 254 GB. Then I load it on HadBrake with these settings:
Therefore I get a file from HandBrake. It is around 6,23 GB. When I put this file in WD TV Player, I'm noticing WD TV Player doesn't neither see that file. It seems my hard drive where there is that file is empty.
But if I use a portion of that original UHD Edius project (around 32 minutes) and I make a file with HandBrake and with the same settings, I get a file of around 4,68 GB and then my WD TV Player sees that file and it plays that file without problems. Why do I have this problem with WD TV Player? Maybe do I have configure WD TV Player or does WD TV Player have a size limit of files?
Thanks for your news.
Hi I have the WD TV Media Player and I have a strange problem. I have made a h.264 file with HandBrake. It is 7,33 GB and WD TV Media Player don't see it and cannot play it. If I make a smaller file 6,90 GB (from the same file), WD TV Media Player reads it correctly. What is the maximum limit for WD TV Media Player to read h.264 files? I am very disappointed and embittered about it.
I'm using Edius 8 and I have a Pal UHD (4K) project on timenline.
Now I need to export it by "Print file" option as .avi uncompressed file beacuse I like to make a good HD file for HandBrake. On Edius 8 I chose this option:
Then I loaded that file in Handbrake (lastest version). I have configured my HandBrake with this settings:
I get a file and when I want use it with WD Western Digital TV, this device neither sees that file. I get a writings "emply device".
In past time, when I used Edius 7 I made some files with HandBrake without problems.
I have just understood my problem but I don't know to solve it. I have just make a test. I have exported only 5 minutes from Edius Timeline and now Handbrake play plays it fine.
It seems there is a length problem. But my video on the Timeline are 37 minutes only. It is not so long. How can I solve my problem?
Why now do I get this problem?
WDTV General Discussion / WDtv PLAY?
« Last post by jesper1234 on November 21, 2016, 07:08:54 AM »
Where and what shall i update my "wdtv play" with to play lokal files from my computer
Thanks 8)
Thank-you very much, but sorry, but there was a missunderstanding. I thought the fire tv stick is an USB stick and not stick with a HDMI exit.

By the way, please whats the correct answer to the verification question on the quick reply site of this website: HDMI is...

The WDTV Live does not have an HDMI input needed to connect the Fire TV.  Only an output. 
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