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Title: Purple screen & no audio
Post by: Simmy on July 29, 2015, 01:26:53 PM
Hi would anyone know why all of a sudden I am getting a purple screen & no audio, had a quick Google & there are a couple of people who have had similar issues but they seem to be when they have bought from new and are setting up for the first time, seems to be generally HDMI connection issues, but I've had my wdtv box & hdd drives for years & my TV (LG) for months & it's worked fine all this time so I can't see how it can be this surely if the settings & leads have been fine for years it can't be this? I have unplugged everything & restarted but it's still the same. Any assistance would greatly be appreciated!
Title: Re: Purple screen & no audio
Post by: caminatr on September 06, 2015, 01:51:29 AM
I've had an issue like that before and it turned out that the HDMI cable had died.  I couldn't believe it as the cable itself showed no sign of damage and I don't think it even moved before I started troubleshooting.  But I tried a different cable and the problem vanished.