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Title: WD MP Gen1 - nothing seems to play :(
Post by: FTLOSM on March 09, 2015, 06:10:35 PM
When my dad passed I was given a few boxes of electronics, one was a Gen 1 WD media player, very cool had power cord but no remote to be found anywhere ;(  Since it powered up I decided to spend $16 on amazon and get a remote, it responds fine I can see all the menus even updated the firmware to the newest 1.03.01, I formatted an 8gb sandisk thumb in ntfs, put a few mp4, m4v, vob none played, I erased the drive formatted in fat32 same thing nothing played, tried a different drive 32gb lexar thumb but still no luck, the screen goes black after I try to play the video no sound no picture.

I tried both the top and rear usb inputs same deal I see the videos in menu but when i hit play just a black screen.

A few i see a thumbnail on too but none play, then I tried to just reset the box with a system reset, still no luck with either drive or any of the content, I am wondering if the box is broke, or if it's just file compatibility issues or ?

I did verify in menu unit was set for ntsc (my format) and I can see and go thru all the menus to verify setup and options even reset and updated that firmware but still have yet to see anything play or work beyond the menu screens.

My files appear to play fine for me on the computer, i can drag them in and play off my iphone or ipad too, I just don't get why they aren't working thru the thumbdrive via the wd media player, any suggestions appreciated as I am stumped.

I have handbrake i can take a vob file and convert it to something as a test, is there something setting wise that might just need to be adjusted?

I normally just use the Regular Normal format and save as an mp4  h.264 but even those don't play.

is it maybe my 2 thumbdrives should i get an external hard drive maybe thumbs are too slow, i've tried hitting the enter button and the play button to start playback of the files the thumb flashes but i still just get a black screen no sound nothing.
Title: Re: WD MP Gen1 - nothing seems to play :(
Post by: FTLOSM on March 09, 2015, 06:21:42 PM
Going thru the same steps as before, and resetting the box again now things are playing this is just so odd, maybe it's just not stable I will have to use it a while and see but nothing played even after the update of firmware and resetting now it's working after another reset very odd?  Is this common or (hopefully) just a weird fluke?

Title: Re: WD MP Gen1 - nothing seems to play :(
Post by: Rev Drew on March 10, 2015, 01:52:30 AM
a lot of problems with media not playing is due to header compression, the old Gen1 was abandoned before that happened so it never got support in a firmware release.

A simple remux with mkvtoolnix removing it generally fixes it

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Title: Re: WD MP Gen1 - nothing seems to play :(
Post by: FTLOSM on March 10, 2015, 02:03:12 PM
Thanks on that I will try it now, seems once i try to play a file that isn't going to work NONE of the other files work till I reset the box, so it's trial and error 5 may work the 6th goes black i try the previous 5 none work, i reset and the other 5 work again, slow process to confirm what does or doesn't work having to reset all the time.