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Title: Audio problem on hdmi and spdif
Post by: buggz on November 26, 2014, 07:37:11 AM
Hi, I have recently purchased a wdtv (newest version 2014), it's connected via hdmi to my tv and via optical to my a/v receiver because the receiver doesn't have  hdmi. I have manually set the audio output to optical (dolby/dts). Now if I play a video on youtube the audio comes from both, tv and receiver which is fine. But as soon as I play a movie with multichannel output, the audio comes from my receiver which is fine too. However if I go back to youtube, there is no audio at all, the only thing that helps is rebooting the device (by pulling the plug or holding the power button) or setting it to stereo. Can anyone help me? I would like to have audio from both devices or at least sound from my tv when I am using youtube or other apps and multichannel audio from my receiver when I'm watching a movie. I have the latest firmware Version 1.01.30