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Title: Missing some music help please!
Post by: AJSki2fly on October 24, 2012, 10:34:32 PM

Got my new wd tv and set up yesterday, on boot requested firmware upgrade so I did it, and it re-booted and is working. Connected to buffalo NAS drive, but not all music is present for example all Led Zeppelin albums are missing. I can see the folders in file and play the tracks but I presume they are not in the library, they are stored within an iTunes library and all look ab play ok.

Anyone had this sort of issue, btw they are AIF, other AIF's are fine?


Adrian  :D
Title: Re: Missing some music help please!
Post by: AJSki2fly on October 26, 2012, 10:48:56 PM
Well I have found out what's going on, but have no solution yet .

All the AIF's are not being identified correctly from tag info. and are just being dumped into the library in an unknown bucket, under artists and albums. The tracks are registered as songs in the media library but with no artist or album. Very unhelpful, especially when you have 7500+ of them.

I have raised this with WD, and suggest that when reading folders recursively for songs if the media library cannot get the tag info it could default to the name of folder it is in if the is not the same as the start point(usually will be the album name) and the to pick up the artist name from the parent folder. They could get these as the process went through the folders and then if a tracks tag was not read at least they would get put in a sensible place. Also I requested an editor for library entries in the Media library and then any issues could be corrected.